Project PEACEKEEPER - Orbital Skybox

Hi there!

This is the Low Earth Orbit skybox I created for my personal project.
More details (and posts) will follow on some of the foreground stuff, the character, weapons, and ships.... but for now I'll focus on the backdrop.

All of the atmospheric texture's (the glow on the horizon, the clouds, general atmosphere), as well as the terrain textures (cityscapes, desert, etc) were made in Photoshop. No Substance Designer generated textures.
The actual model consists out of 5 flat planes (terrain + 3 cloud layers + atmosphere), a small disc for the sun, and half a dome for the stars (which slowly rotate overhead).
The shaders have some simple inputs like scrollspeed and offset which is a shared value between the terrain and the clouds..

Thanks for having a look (and reading!).
For more WIP stuff follow me on