RobotTrain 02

It's a robot train robot ... that carries robots!

I set out to do a few things:
- Make some 2D art, instead of 3D art... been staring it polys for too long, so this was to freshen up those 2D skills again.
- Make a time-lapse of a painting, as it's fun to show to people who don't know how these paintings get made. (25 minutes might have been a bit much though haha)
- Make a big paint without using photobashing, color ref/picking, or 3D.
- Do something different then spacestation stuff.

I think overall it went OK, but I looking at my process I think there's a lot of room for improvement. On to the next one.
Please feel free to leave a comment and/or critique (always good to hear suggestions on what I can improve!), and thanks for having a look!

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